Wednesday, July 23, 2008

McCall 2008

Our incredible friends Kim & jarom invited us up to their cabin on the lake in McCall for the weekend and we had so much fun. Itis sooo beautiful there and peaceful. We were going to stay until Monday, but Daigen did terrible at night so we ended up coming home early, but it was so nice to get away. Bosten did awesome!! Thank you Hibbert's we love you so much and are going to miss you like mad when you move!! Hopefully, we can keep this a tradition every year!!! We love you guys tons... Here are some pics of the weekend.

2 Months Old

I can't believe my baby is 2 months old already!!! he is growing so big and we are loving him every minute. He still only wakes once a night and has been smiling and trying to talk more each day. He has been such a little angel and we love him so much!!! here is Daigen saying cheese. I LOVE his eyes in this picture, he has been such a great little big brother, he loves Bosten more each day...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wednesday's Nightmare!!!

Wednesday morning Daigen woke up around 5:15am(very unusual for him) so at 6:30 Dan went and got him out of bed and started to feed Bosten, meanwhile I am still sleeping. At 7am Dan brings Bosten into me so that I can feed him and then Dan leaves to go running. Before he goes he always locks everything up so daigen cannot get into it. I was in the bedroom with the door locked (that's what we have to do now days with EVERY room)and Daigen was "watching TV" so I thought. Dan came home from running about 40 mins later and brought the video recorder into me to see what our son had been up too. I guess he forgot to lock the pantry!! Needless to say our Costco size pancake mix is all gone!!!! Yep you read right ALL GONE!! I thought it was flour, but noooo it had to be the $7 bag of pancake mix. This stuff was everywhere!! In the living room, dining room and all over him. So we have decided he is For Sale to any of you that would love to have some excitement in your home!! LOL!! J/K. We love you Daigen just not half of the stuff you do!! for punishment we made him clean it up!! We hope you enjoy these pics because we did not enjoy cleaning this up!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bosten's Blessing

Sunday we blessed Bosten. We had alot of family in town for the blessing and the 4th so that was alot of fun and chaotic!! Here are some pics from the morning of the blessing. Bosten is 6 1/2 weeks already and Daigen is 22 months. I contemplated posting the family photo, I just can't wait to get all the weight off of me!!!!