Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Where did January Go????? ( 2 new posts below this)

I LOVE my cookie dough!!!!
Cheese!!! Sitting all by myself.... finally!!!

Nope, I can never go to my room with out getting some kind of TV in

I know... I am the cutest "stud" you have ever seen!!!
I am a close second... Although I am the "coolest"
Daigen REALLY wanted to go outside so finally we gave in and let him play for about an hour outside he was in pure Heaven. Poor boy, he can't wait till it gets warmer.
I love to play in my high chair
Karlene and I scrapbooking, we had a little helper... he loved it
A couple weekends ago Dan took the boys outside when it got in the low 50*s and they were in 7th heaven.

Bosten's first swing ride, he did not want to get out
Swinging their hearts out..............
Daigen loves to play squeeshy face with us, so one morning Daddy was playing squeeshy face with him.
here I am in true form.... I have quit the temper......
daigen frosting his cookie, okay so he took a few licks in between

Here is our January in a nut shell.... Not much activity, we are getting a little Cabin Fever over here. I can not wait for Spring!!!! Could it just come NOW!!!!!! These are the last set of pics before my new ones with my FANTASTIC new camera that I L. O. V. E.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

30th Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know what you are thinking....... not to bad right???!!!
Ohhhh...... It get's worse..............

On my front door!!!!!!!!! Holy Yikes!!! Yep, that is
me in hawaii when I thought I looked HOT!!! SICK.......
This is what I woke up to on the morning of my
glorious 30th Birthday!!!!!!!!!! Girls bEwArE payback
is.... well you know what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Another one on my front door!!!!!! I know... I look HOT!!!! :)

My girlfriends had a little lunch party for me that day. I had
so much fun!!!!!

Thinking of a wish................ um maybe a Happy Birthday
from my Husband!!!!!!!!!!!! I have yet to hear HB from Dan...

Thank you to all my wonderful girlfriends for making my day sooo much fun. I woke up a little disappointed, no HB from my husband. No plans, no gift, no kisses. I could keep going on, but I don't want to embarass him any more.... Anyway...... I have the best girlfriends a chick could ask for, just remember you all have birthdays soon........................ Well Dan did make it up to me we went to dinner that night and I got a new camera that I think I am going to LOVE!!!!!!!!! It's a Sony 200 and it will take picutes of my kids finally, I am soooo sick of missing every cute thing of them because my camera sucked!!! thanks sweetheart, I love you!!!!! But next year I want a PARTY!!!!!!!!! It's not every year you hit a BIG milestone!!!!!!


Jami, Parker & Karlene Parker & Karlene
Karlene's Family with Dallas, jami & Jaden

3 Newest babies to the family

Sweet Little Parker

Family Visiting baby Parker

A Love that will NEVER end.............

Karlene with the Adoptive couple
My sweet dear neice gave birth to one of the most beautiful baby boy that I have ever seen. Parker Lynn Lovell was born January 13, 2009 weighing in at 7 lbs 3oz and 21 inches long. She has been such an inspiration to me as I have watched her experience the HARDEST thing a Mother could do. We had the opportunity to host the Adoptive couple with us for a week while they waited for paperwork to clear and court dates to happen. We had so much fun with them and it was a big comfort to us to know that karlene was truly led by the spirit in choosing this dear family. It was a BIG eye opener for us and made us appreciate these wonderful Birthmoms, even MORE than we already did. I LOVE my dear little Chelsea more than she will ever know and I thank my Father in Heaven for leading us to her. I cannot imagine my life without my dear little Daigen. Thank you Karlene and Chelsea, you are two of the most COURAGEOUS woman I have ever met... I love you both............

Monday, February 2, 2009

Holidays (photo overload)

Christmas Eve @ Baird's
Christmas Eve

Playing with his new Lightning McQueen fuel station from Baird's

Bosten lovin the wrapping paper!!!

New Lightning McQueen jammies from daddy & Mommy

daigen's new L. M. jammies

matching jammies

Playing with the trains Santa brought him (the best thing ever)

Santa arrived for Daigen Santa arrived for Bosten

We went to Shelley, Id on Christmas day to spend the weekend with Gpa & Gma daddy took
Daigen out on the tube and he didn't like it very much this year, not sure why. He lasted about 10 minutes outside and he was done, it was about 10* outside... Burr.....

He is done with the tube!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know I am slacking really bad, sorry so late...............
This was New Years Eve, we had the Coltrin's & Baird's over, it was a
crazy mad house but fun company. I took off Bosten's clothes because
he likes to be naked before bedtime and this is the reaction to that..... First
Jordon wanted to be naked then Sienna saw her sister naked, then CJ, then
Daigen of course wanted to follow the crowd. Sienna is screaming because she
wanted to be full fledge naked!!! She got her wish, and loved jumping on my couches
naked!!! Don't worry I have sanitized them since!!! :) Needless to say our Holidays
were really busy, but lots of fun and glad to have them over. Can't wait for Spring!!!