Sunday, August 30, 2009

Utah Visit (Dan's Mission Reunion)

Dan had his 15 year Mission Reunion in Utah the end of July, so we decided to head down. On our way down we stopped in Ogden and met up with some really good friends of ours that moved to Utah in April. Here is Daigen and Bentley playing. They were having a good ole time rough housing each other!!
Here is Natalie and I. Isn't she just too cute!! It was so good to see them, we miss you Sandalls!! Come back!!!

We stayed with Dan's sister in Tooele for the weekend and went swimming. What do you know.... I forgot the camera for that one, but the boys were in heaven. Here is Bosten trying to ride the tricycle.
Daigen LOVED the battery operated truck, he was in seaventh heaven!!
Here is Bosten on our way back from the Mission Reunion in Huntsville, UT. He was soooooooooooo tired. We had a fantastic time, Dan's old mission President was Marlin K Jensen, so it was REALLY neat to meet him and be in his presence.
Thanks Aunt Sheila for hosting us and playing with us all weekend, we had a blast!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Grandma Clark's Visit

Daigen and I hangin' out watching some cartoons...... This was an every day thing for nearly 3 weeks.

Grandma Clark came over for a week and saved our lives, or Dan's that is. She was the BIGGEST help ever and we are so grateful for her. The boys feel in love with Grandma, especially Daigen they were Best Friends for that week. Poor Grandma, he was non stop and wanted her to play puzzles, read, watch toons, play with "dinosaur" and take his cars through the "carwash".... fun times.....

Gma reading to Daigen right before bedtime

Bath time at the Clark's

Bosten pulling out a few of his "moves" with Daigen. He loves his big brother and I love to watch the interaction between these two, it is sooooo precious to me.

Gma reading to Bosten, he loves to be read too, he thinks he is sooo big

I want to thank Grandma so much for taking a week out of her busy schudule and helping us all out. We all love you so much and are very grateful to have you in our lives. I didn't realize how deeply I miss my Mom until this accident happened , and then my Mother in Law came to help. I am just so thankful that I have truly been blessed with the BEST Mom in Law a girl could ask for. Love ya T....

I also want Dan to know how much I appreciate him through this whole experience, he has been amazing and has picked up both our duties along with working full time. I love you sweetheart and I will never forget how much you have helped me and the boys out, you are truly amazing and I am so thankful I have you as my companion.


I cannot believe 3 years ago today, we got the most incredible phone call ever...our baby boy was born @ 7:21am weighing in @ 7lbs 13oz and 19 1/2 inches long. We started getting our things packed and ready and we were out the door by noon. That day we had so many mixed emotions running through our heads. We couldn't believe that after 5 LONG years we were parents. Words cannot express the love we felt for our Daigen the moment we laid eyes on him. My heart was pounding my hands were shaking as your birth mom Chelsea handed you to me. Here I am holding you for the first time. The joy I had was indescribable. You have been the biggest blessing in our lives.

2 days later. This was such a bitter sweet day for us. Our hearts were breaking in two as your placement occurred. I cannot even imagine the pain Chelsea had to be experiencing, but I KNOW one thing for sure, her love for you is far greater than you can imagine. She did the hardest thing any Mother could endure and we will ALL be FOREVER grateful to her for that.

Your cheeks are the most wonderful thing to kiss. I couldn't get enough of you.

Our adoption was finalized in April 2007

And you were Sealed to us in April 2007

Here you are at 9 months on your blessing day in April

You are a rolly poly that can't get enough water. You have NO fear, which in itself scares your Mom. You have given me MANY near deaths.....

You love to get down and dirty.... just what boys are suppose to do... but Mommy isn't so sure about it. You were a LOVER to your binky and it went everywhere with you.

You were such a BIG helper to Daddy... always making more work for him.... :) In this picture you climbed your way up his desk all by yourself, yep you were nonstop at climbing, in fact we even had to "bunji" everything shut......

and when we didn't......... this is what happened. You have tried my patience to no end and many times I have wanted to offer you "for sale" :) J/K

Your 2nd Birthday, Mommy was so proud of herself for making you a "ball cake"

You even have a sense of style..... well...... maybe not, but your mind NEVER stops and you have the best imagination out there

You are the BEST big brother any little boy could ask for. You love your brother and he loves you and we just love to watch the interaction between you two.

You have turned into the "biggest" of all big boys!!! And can go potty all on your own. You potty trained in only 2 days!!! You were the BEST!!!

You even invented your own way of "pulling" brother in the wagon. I told you... your mind NEVER stops working, you are ALWAYS one step ahead of everyone......

HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY BUDDY!!!!! You have brought more joy, tears, patience, frustration, laughs, then any one could ever imagine. Mommy and Daddy love you more than you will ever know. Thank you for being you, and for filling an empty place in our hearts, We love you to the moon and back. We couldn't imagine life without fit, just like a "glove." You are our lovebug and sunshine, don't ever forget that. ATRNTF Luvs..........

Bateman Reunion

So two days after my reunion we had Dan's reunion near LaGrande, OR. However with my broken arm we decided we were not going to be able to go. On Wed. I had my appt with the O.S. and he gave us wonderful news, NO SURGERY on the elbow and not cast. So, with the new "splint" in motion we decided on our way home from the Dr.'s that we were going camping for a few days. So, we arrived Wed. night around 9pm. When we pulled up Daigen was so excited because our cabin was a Train!! An old box car still on the tracks with it's engine attached and they had put siding all around it. So we got to sleep in a train for 2 nights. We had a blast and it was soooooo nice to get away for a few days. A special big thanks to Uncle Dave and Aunt Ashley for helping Dan take care of the boys.

In the photo above Daigen is so excited because he finally got the ball through the hole!!

Daigen playing a game with Uncle Dave. Uncle "Daab" & Aunt "Ashwee" (as Daigen calls them) became his favorites that trip. All he talks about is going camping with them!!

With a broken arm and all I still managed to have some fun. I beat Dan the first game,... in fact I "slaughtered" him. But he came back and beat me the second game..... just barely.

There was this amazingly fun man made slide that they got to slide down on Thurs. Daigen wasn't to sure about it at first, but as him and Daddy got going he was LOVIN it. (You can click on these next few pics to actually get a good look at there faces, they are priceless)

Daigen lovin his first ride

Bosten was scared out of his shorts the first time. I love the look on his face.

Not sure if he liked it......

Dan and Uncle Dave teased Daigen and sent him be himself. He was soooo scared for the 1st 5 seconds but when he was done he wanted to do it again...

Bosten is so excited about something.

We had a wonderful time and can't wait for another one in 2 years.......

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Robison Reunion July 2nd-5th

DAY 1: Swimming day at Coltrin's- Daigen getting ready to go swimming
Bosten "chillin" in the chair

Mommy and Bosten swimming. B loves the water and thinks he can swim on his own, little does he know...

Adult time, playin a little co-ed volleyball, I must admit my team won..... what can I say??!!
Bosten lovin his new look
DAY 2: Games at the Park- relay games galore..... the kids seemed to be having loads of fun
all the babies and their relay games.... here they are actually fishing
ADULT NIGHT- The fun is about to begin...... well for MOST of us. Here are the Aunts & Uncles ready for the night to begin. So, here is how the story goes for the next two pics... Game- Mission Impossible, object of game, to get from point A to point B on foot in the dark with drivers trying to find you along the way. Our point A was Saguaro Canyons Pool and point B was Settlers Park. My team was on our way to station 3 of 5 when we heard a car coming, so I started to dart (sprinting) across the street as my cell phone begins to ring, I reach in my pocket pull out my cell phone and say "hello" just as the sprinklers at some random persons home turn on, my right toe clips the sprinkler head and sends me in a full on"fly" thru the air. Only to land on what you might ask??? Nope not the grass BUT the DRIVEWAY!!!! Chin first, pelvis next, then the arms as the cell phone went flying out of hand. As I am laying in this driveway I am thinking to myself, "Are you freakin kidding me!!!!" "this did not just happen!!" As my cousins arrive we soon notice, (what I knew,)... my chin was split open and my "wrist" hurt REALLY bad. Needless, to say the night ended rather quickly for me and I ended up in the ER as everyone was finishing up this fun game. here are the results of my "graceful, glorious fall"

Happy 4th of July to me!!!! I broke my ELBOW!!!! (wrong bone to be breaking) I am really doped up on some REALLY good pain meds!!! So here is the result, broken radial head, clean brake, so splint for 3 weeks and then out in the open........Yep you read that right... I am a Mother of 2 boys with a broken elbow and NO cast. I guess it is better in the LONG run not to have it put in a cast but the brake will take longer to fuse says the doctor. So needless to say we have had quite the summer. Along with a broken elbow came...............................

3 internal stitches and they glued my chin shut. I had gone 30 yrs with no broken bones nor stitches and then....WAM, BAM I got a 2 for 1!!!

More reunion, this is 4th of July in our back yard. We were sitting around chatting while we were waiting for the night to begin!!!

More talking and laughing

Bosten wanted to be a a little "twin" with his Mommy and cut his chin as well, luckily no stitches for him.

here some of us are watching the fireworks. Daigen was in love with them, but he had to hold on to Uncle Rod's hand the WHOLE time, because they scared him...
We had such an amazing time, despite some of the "mishaps" Can't wait for the next one in North Carolina 2011!!!!!!