Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bosten 3 months & Bronco Buds!!!

Here is Bosten at 3 months, he is getting to be so much fun!! He is starting to giggle and talk all the time!! I love it, he is a total Momma's boy.

I got the boys their first matching outfits!!! It's game day baby!!! Daigen loved the "horsey" on his shirt!!!

Daigen's Birthday Party!!!

I know, I am a little behind on this, but here are some cute pictures of Daigen's party. We had the family over on the 17th to celebrate then on his actual b-day we went to the Fair and let him ride the rides and look at all the stinky animals. I want you to look really close at the cake, yes I made it!!! I am so proud of myself, I have to give some credit to my sis in law Ang for the idea. But on Saturday at 4pm Dan informs me that I need to make a "specialty" cake for Daigen.(We are leaving @5pm for a date night) So Daigen is into cars so I thought that I could do that, I went online and googled car cakes, yeah right!!, that was WAY to much work and Momma didn't have the time, so i decided balls are his next favorite thing, and wala i made a cute little baseball!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


We got pictures taken of the boys and some family photos, by one of our good friends, she is absolutely amazing and if you want some good pictures have her take them, here is our sneak peak:

Thanks "A"

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dedicated to the one WE LOVE!!!!!

Our little ANGEL turns TWO!!! Daigen, Daddy and Mommy have been so blessed to have you in our lives. You are truly our little angel and we love you more than you will ever know. thank you for feeling the wholes in our hearts. You have truly been the greatest thing that ever happened to us, we love you SOOOOOO much and hope you will always remember that. Thank you for bringing a smile to our face and tears to our eyes! You are the greatest joy and we wish you a fantastic 2nd birthday!!! You are a BIG boy now!!!!!!!! Stay tuned for birthday party pics!!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Daigen gets to meet his Birthmom!!!

We went to Utah this weekend for a family reunion and we got to have the BEST experience ever!!! Daigen had the opportunity to meet his birthmom and some of her family. It was so neat to see Chelsea again and for her to see Daigen. He was so cute he learned her name and he would say "Selsee" and she loved it. We are so grateful to have her a part of our life We love her sooo much and our so thankful for her sacrifice and selfless love she has. Thank you so much Chel for the wonderful time we had to see each other, we hope to have many more of those precious times, we are truly our little angel and will ALWAYS be a part of our family. We love you too pieces, always n forever!!!! :) Enjoy the pics. (The little baby girl he is holding is Chelsea's daughter and the older girl is her sisters daughter that Daigen loved!! The boy is her boyfriend and her Mom is in there as well.) WARNING: Picture overload!!!! :)

Family Reunion

This weekend we went to Utah for Dan's family Reunion, we had a lot of fun visiting with fun!! Daigen was a little monster and a little handful. He is so mischievious and has too much energy in him. Bosten did wonderful, slept from 10pm til 7 am both mornings. Daigen ended up in our bed at 3am after FINALLY going to sleep at 12am. He was quickly out of our bed before 5am. He was dead asleep but tossed and turned the WHOLE time. Then he was up at 6:45 that day, with NO nap the day before. Needless to say, he took a 4hour nap today and Bosten has slept almost all day as well, they are puckered out from all the heat and playing. Here are a few pics from our fun filled weekend.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Swim Party

Today we had a family get together at Cade's brothers house. We had a lot of fun swimming. Daigen was LOVING the water, he continuously was jumping off the diving board. (someone else most have gotten a photo of that)We had tons of fun playing in the sun for 5+ hours. It was nice because Bosten took a nap and I was able to join the fun!! The las photo is of Daigen with in five minutes of being home. He was T I R E D!!!!!!

Random Photos

Here are some more famous random shots of Daigen!!!