Saturday, August 30, 2008

Daigen's Birthday Party!!!

I know, I am a little behind on this, but here are some cute pictures of Daigen's party. We had the family over on the 17th to celebrate then on his actual b-day we went to the Fair and let him ride the rides and look at all the stinky animals. I want you to look really close at the cake, yes I made it!!! I am so proud of myself, I have to give some credit to my sis in law Ang for the idea. But on Saturday at 4pm Dan informs me that I need to make a "specialty" cake for Daigen.(We are leaving @5pm for a date night) So Daigen is into cars so I thought that I could do that, I went online and googled car cakes, yeah right!!, that was WAY to much work and Momma didn't have the time, so i decided balls are his next favorite thing, and wala i made a cute little baseball!!!


Giggle Worm said...

You are a true Betty Crocker! The cake is darling!!!

jenny said...

I am impressed! that is a WAY cute cake, way to go girl!!