Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pictures Attempted

So, this was my attempt of taking pictures of Daigen and I and for some reason we were having a hard time of being in sinc together. Maybe it was because Backyardigans were on TV!!! They turned out kind a cute so I thought I'd post them!!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Dan's Family Reunion

So last week we had a family reunion in Union, Oregon for Dan's side of the family. We do it every 2 years and we go to this Lodge and camp for 3 days. It's so much fun!! They have a little creek that runs through the camp and Daigen absolutley LOVED it. He seriously has no concept of anything, this kid thinks he can walk on water or something, he wants to do his "own" thing and wants you to get the heck away from him. We rented a motor home and had so much fun with it!!! That's the best way to camp as far as I'm concerned when children are involved.

So I'm sure most of you will quickly catch on, but you see Dan and I have this "problem." Daigen has become a Daddy's boy which is great and all, but Daddy wants Mommy to take pictures all the time so Mommy obeys Daddy's wishes and takes pictures, but when mommy finally gets her 5 minutes in for the day, Daddy is no where to be found so therefore no pictures of Daigen and Mommy. So as soon as I can tackle this problem down I'll start posting some pictures of me and my love bug!! :) Well I wich I could say more was happening, but kind of boring at the Clark homestead right now.................

Sunday, July 15, 2007

I am officially a Blogger!!!

So, I'm really terrible at this blogging thing and well computers are just not my forte. So yes, once again Robyn, you get the praise!!! So life at the Clark Homestead is getting crazier by the day. Daigen is now 11 months old and has hit the terrible 2 stage!! Not fair, I know, don't y' all feel a little bit sorry for me!!! :) he has started walking everywhere so my life is now over!!!!! To make matters worse, (I guess it could be better, just depends on the day) and if you couldn't tell today is one of those "days" We got a phone call a few weeks ago and found out that Daigen's birthmother's twin sister is pregnant with a little boy and due in the end of October has asked us if we would adopt the baby and raise the boys as brothers!!! Yes, we truly are extremely excited and over joyed and feel so blessed, but when I sit through sacrament like I did today.... oh wait, what am I thinking we were both out in the foyer chasing Daigen around the whole time. To add another baby will be a lot of work, but I feel confident the Lord is looking out for me!!! :) Needless to say we can't wait for the little bundle of joy to arrive. They will be 14-15 months apart, so it will be tough at first, but those boys will be best buddies and we are excited for that!! We have a name picked out, we both really like the name Bosten Adams. Daigen and Bosten will both be named after Dan.