Monday, December 22, 2008

Random photos of Daigen (Nov & Dec)

having a precious moment with CJ
All gone!!! I love my "ithe qweam"

Say cheese....

I love my baby brother!!!!

Aren't I the cutest thing you have ever seen!!!!

Bundles up to play in the snow, I love making snow angels!!

Opps.... I missed my landing and dove into the bottom of the ottoman, instead of on top!!!
Good thing I missed my eye!!!
Daigen is getting so big and a lot of fun, he loves his baby brother and if I'm taking a picture of brother I have to be sure to atke some of him as well!! We can't wait for Christmas, as Daigen is understanding it a lot more, it should be alot of fun, Merry Christmas to all and we will post pics when we get back from Grandpa & Grandma Clark's!!!

Random Photos of Bosten (Nov & Dec)

Watching TV like the BIG boys!!!
I Love my Daddy!!

Caught pooping!!! :) Gotta love it....

I love my tongue!!!

Just chillin....

Love my bumbo

I love my Mommy!!! She is the best!!

I'm a big boy now!!!

Opps... I fell over

Bosten is getting to be a lot more fun!! His little personality is really starting to come out! And he is very fiesty like his Daddy! :) Here are some pics of him through out the last two months. He is starting to get on all fours and rock, he just wants to be on the move like his big brother is!!