Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve AND Morning with the Kynaston's

So a few months back I got this "BRILLIANT" idea to have a gigantic family sleepover... um.... at MY house. When the 24th hit, I was saying to Dan "What the HECK was I thinking!" So 5pm arrives and family starts to arrive. The noise levels QUICKLY plummets out of control. "Take a slow breath AND breathe I have to tell myself all night." Around 6:30 we all sat down and had a nice Christmas Devotional from Karlene & Vaughn, then we each got to say something we were grateful for this Holiday Season. We then did the "cousin gift exchanges. Here is Daigen opening his gift. You can't see to well because he wouldn't look at me, but he was SOOOO excited...
Here is the finish product. he is in love with Toy Story right now.
Bosten was in love with ripping the wrapping paper....
Each year on Christmas Eve Dan and I get the boys matching jammies. This year they got Toy Story ones and matching slippers.
After the cousins exchange we sent the kids upstairs to watch the Polar Express. Here they all are enjoying the movie. This was of a VERY LONG night getting them to go to sleep!!!
Meanwhile, we "adults" had our white elephant exchange. Karston got some lovely bath gel and lotion!! :) Just what he wanted!!! :)
Robyn was soooo excited to get this Walmart village passed down from her big brother!!! But..... that wasn't the end of it........ Karlene snagged it right away from her! :)
Cade sporting his beautiful "Popcorn shirt" One size fits all.......
Around 11pm we heard Santa arrive and I waited until midnight when he departed and I got up and snapped a quick picture of all the toys he left for all the good boys and girls. You ask why he came so late..... well those "good" boys and girls weren't being sooo "good"
The kids have found the after math of Santa at 6:45am!!! everyone was so excited and had a great time seeing what Santa brought everyone.
More pics of Santa's presents.......
some of the adults admiring all the toys!!! " be young again!"
By 7am breakfast was being started. Yes, I know that's a bit early... but we Kynaston's LOVE our breakfast!!! Well one family had to be out of here by 8:30. On the morning menu was: Ham & Cheese Breakfast Casserole, French Toast, Cheesy Eggs, Hashbrowns,Orange & Cinnamon rolls. Yes.... to answer your question, that was WAY TOO MUCH FOOD!!!
Karlene and Vaughn doing a great job with the cheesy eggs!! What great team work you two do!!! :") Dan and Karston are laughing at Karlene cause we had to "trick" her to get her photo!! :)
Well, I must say it was quite chaotic most of the time, but really it was the BEST Christmas we have had in a LONG time. What great memories for us adults and especially our children. thank you everyone for making it a great night and a fantastic morning!! Love you all and I am so grateful for each and every one of you......

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Sunday & Santa Visits this Month

Here we are right before church this week. All dressed up in our Sunday attire...
Here are the boys.... as you can tell Bosten is "very" fond of this. You will notice that this face of his is a reoccurring face in MANY of these pictures this post. (I think the terrible 2's have hit him already). HELP me pleeeeaaaaasssseeeee............
Nope, Bosten was NOT a fan of Santa this year....
He is "hiding" from Santa.... so HE thinks... Daigen was so excited to tell Santa that he wanted a Train Table..... oh... and Rosie. (the train) (Don't you love it when they start adding more items) :
A family picture. I was not a fan of this Santa, I think he was either "high" on something or drunk as a skunk...
Our ward Christmas party 2 weeks ago. We had a breakfast, then Santa arrived shortly after. Daigen really liked this Santa and talked with him forever....
Family picture at our ward Christmas party.
We are crazily awaiting the arrival of my WHOLE family. (well minus the Brown's) I came up with this brilliant idea 2 months ago, to have a giant family sleepover at MY house. (what the crap was I thinking) So needless to say we are going to be squeezing 12 adults and 12 kids in our house. Should be fun and let's pray no one gets sick like last time (7 yrs ago). This year I did not get cards out, but we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. We are grateful for the many blessings we have been given and for the countless miracles that have happened to us this Holiday Season. We know that the Lord is near and very aware of our needs. May we always remember the true meaning of Christmas and may 2010 be a better year for us all. Much love...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

First day of Snow

We had some record breaking weather the last few weeks. We even dipped into the negatives in the valley which hasn't happened in YEARS. We've already had a lot of snow for our area, but when you live in Idaho, it just doesn't stay that long. So, needless tosay you must get out when it arrives. Which is exactly what Dan and the boys did. daigen is having withdrawals from his daily bike riding so the first thing he wanted to do was... ride his bike. Sure enough he hopped right on and starting riding.
Bosten liked it for about the first 5 minutes, then he was DONE. Daddy started shoveling the walks and the sound scared him. (he is such a baby) OOPS... did I just say that out loud.
Bosten trying to figure out what the snow really is.... daigen still determined to get on his bike and ride the darn thing through the snow.
"Umm...... Mom could you help me out, the wheel is moving but I go nowhere."

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Friday morning Daigen decided he wanted to come and snuggle with me as I was waking up. So he brings in his pillow and a blanket with him, jumps up into bed with me and proceeds to tell me that "this is Grandma Karon's special blanket for me." In shock, I immediately ask "Grandma who??" He reply's "Grandma Kar...s..ton??" I then say, "no... who's special blanket did you say that was??" Daigen reply's "Grandma Karon, I said." I start to get chills. I have NEVER referred to my Mother as Grandma Karon, she has ALWAYS been Grandma Kynaston.

He then proceeds to tell me this: "Mommy guesss what? Last night Grandma Karon and I went flying. We got to fly to Heaven and see Jesus for a while. It was so fun. Then Grandma and I 'flied'back to my bed and she 'sleeped' with me for a while then she had to go home."

I wanted to cry so hard as he relayed this story to me. I miss her so much this time of year and to know she is sooooo near brings peace and joy to my heart. I am so thankful to know that my babies have a special Angel that visits often and helps keep them safe.

Monday, December 7, 2009


This year once again, we decided to be "White Trash Hill Billies" for Halloween. We had a fantastic night with some wonderful friends.
Pumpkin carving with daddy. This was Daigen first year helping Daddy.
He was having a great time and really focusing on his carving
The finished product. Thanks Daigen and Daddy, you did a fantastic job!!!
My little rascals. Daigen was Chicken Little and LOVED it. He fit the part so well. Bosten was a Giraffe and enjoyed his "squeeky" shoes that we had on him more than his outfit. They had a great time trick or treating. Bosten learned VERY quickly what was going on and within 10 mins he was wanting out of the wagon and he would walk up to the door with brother and say"twick o tweet" It was sooooo cute. So anytime after Halloween when he would want some candy, he would come up to us and say "twick o tweet" And because he is so dang cute we would always get his bucket out and let him pick his candy. We had a great Halloween and are excited to move onto Christmas with the boys....

Friday, December 4, 2009

Prison Break Race... AKA ...Race from HE%%

My 2nd 10K race... NEVER will I do this race again... It was horrid and my time was even worse.
I finished in an hour and 9 min. I was shooting just to break my time of an hour 5, but it was so BLASTING cold and WINDY and GRAVEL 99.9% of the whole race.
Here is Tasha all "excited" to be DONE!!!
I had a bunch of girlfriends that ran, some ran 5K and 10K and a few ran the half marathon. These two are finishing in under 2 hours.... you go girls!!!!
We are the 4 that ran the 5K and 10K, we are patiently freezing our BUMBS off waitin for the others to finish their half.
Oh man..... we are so glad to be done and can't wait to get into the heated car.
Thank you to my Dad, step mom, my husband and Robyn for coming and supporting me, with out your support I would not have been able to finish that "BEAST" I love you all!!!

"Punkin" Patch

I am really behind on blogging... what's new??? We took a fun little visit over to the Pumpkin patch. The boys had a great time.
Daigen and CJ leading us through the corn maze... NOT a good idea

our hay ride was just ending...

Daigen going down a slide made from tubes

daigen jumping on the "Jump house" I was terrified my poor little baby was going to be "munched " by the big boys
cute little family photo
Bosten and i on the little train ride
Daigen trying to lasso is horse!! :) You go little cowboy daigen... :)