Monday, December 7, 2009


This year once again, we decided to be "White Trash Hill Billies" for Halloween. We had a fantastic night with some wonderful friends.
Pumpkin carving with daddy. This was Daigen first year helping Daddy.
He was having a great time and really focusing on his carving
The finished product. Thanks Daigen and Daddy, you did a fantastic job!!!
My little rascals. Daigen was Chicken Little and LOVED it. He fit the part so well. Bosten was a Giraffe and enjoyed his "squeeky" shoes that we had on him more than his outfit. They had a great time trick or treating. Bosten learned VERY quickly what was going on and within 10 mins he was wanting out of the wagon and he would walk up to the door with brother and say"twick o tweet" It was sooooo cute. So anytime after Halloween when he would want some candy, he would come up to us and say "twick o tweet" And because he is so dang cute we would always get his bucket out and let him pick his candy. We had a great Halloween and are excited to move onto Christmas with the boys....

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