Friday, December 4, 2009

Prison Break Race... AKA ...Race from HE%%

My 2nd 10K race... NEVER will I do this race again... It was horrid and my time was even worse.
I finished in an hour and 9 min. I was shooting just to break my time of an hour 5, but it was so BLASTING cold and WINDY and GRAVEL 99.9% of the whole race.
Here is Tasha all "excited" to be DONE!!!
I had a bunch of girlfriends that ran, some ran 5K and 10K and a few ran the half marathon. These two are finishing in under 2 hours.... you go girls!!!!
We are the 4 that ran the 5K and 10K, we are patiently freezing our BUMBS off waitin for the others to finish their half.
Oh man..... we are so glad to be done and can't wait to get into the heated car.
Thank you to my Dad, step mom, my husband and Robyn for coming and supporting me, with out your support I would not have been able to finish that "BEAST" I love you all!!!

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Robyn Baird said...

At least you can say you did it. ;)