Saturday, February 27, 2010

An "Artist" Among Us

I first must start off this post.... It is a DANG GOOD thing I was NOT home when this happened!!!! I got home from work Friday evening to find my beautiful home "invaded" with PERMANENT BLACK MARKER everywhere. When I first walked in and saw it all, I was instantly sick to my stomach. Seriously, how does something like this happen!!! Dan was working in his office while the boys were going "to town" in the living room, kitchen as well as themselves. I wanted to be soooo angry at him for allowing this, but I can't... he has to work too and unfortunately this just had to happen on "his" time. However, Daigen knows better and that is what makes me angry. Here are just a few of the places he marked up.... You can't see the window that good, but I had 4 windows attacked.... Thanks to rubbing alcohol I got it off the hardwood, window sills and windows.
One of MANY spots on my hardwood and window sills....
My wall in the entry way.... Nothing works at taking it off the walls... well rubbing alcohol works but it also takes the first layer of your paint with it.... so the verdict for all the walls is NEW PAINT!!! I just can't wait to spend my precious day off painting!!!
Living room wall.....
toy room wall... part 1
toy room part 2.....
even the toy box got attacked!!! As well as the back of our leather sectional. I knew this day would come sometime, but why not with crayon!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Working Woman

NEVER say NEVER!!!!! After 3 years of unemployment, well I take that back. Being a SAHM is HARD work, but 3 years ago I said "never again will I go to work!!!" I am currently 'eating' my words as I have entered into the working field again. I am currently working PT (30 hrs a week) at a Physical Therapy Clinic working as a Physical Therapy Tech. I work along side the Physical Therapist and assist them with their pateints at Rehab Authority in the Eagle clinic. I really LOVE what I do. It's just that I am on my feet ALL day long (10hrs) and my feet are burning by the time I head home for the evening. It's been a rough few months for us, but after sometime of Dan trying to pick his business up and finding another job we decided we needed more steady income coming in. So, it was a little easier for me to apply so I got the job and away I went.
The boys stay home with Dan so that has made going to work a little easier. I miss them like crazy, but at the same time it has been refreshing to get away and have "me" time. I feel soooo selfish saying that. We pray daily that Dan can find some work for him and we can get back up on our feet. I am grateful for this challenge and trial the Lord has placed upon us. It has been a growing experience for us both and I have learned to trust in my Savior and know that He is watching out for us. I have great respect for Dan as it has been a challenge for him to send me back to work. He has ALWAYS been a HARD worker and provider for us. I love him and know that things will change in due time when we have learned all we need to, to conquer this challenge together. May we never take for granted the things that we have. I am thankful for my sweet little boys and husband. And as long as I have them nothing else maters.
With this said, I am busy busy busy so I took the time this weekend and got caught up on my blogging, please enjoy the 3 new entrees below that I have blogged.

Out Cold

A couple of weeks ago the boys started getting sick.... this is usually a sign that I know a sickness is around the corner for Daigen. it was about 7pm he was upstairs watching Monsters Inc and we noticed it was mighty quite up there. So we headed upstairs and sure enough Dai was out cold!!
He wouldn't even budge....

Too cute!!! Love the double chin... poor kid he is going to HATE this when he gets older.

Daigen's 1/2 B-day at Pre-K

On Thursday they celebrated Daigen's 1/2 Birthday at Pre -K since he has a summer Bday. he wanted donuts so I went and got some donuts for him to share with his class. He was SOOO excited he blew out the candle before they were done singing to him....
So Miss Susan lit up his candle for round two....
here he is getting ready to blow out his candle
The birthday boy got the first bite!! Love this picture!!!

The beautiful "cheese" for me!!! :)
His special present from his teacher...
And the contents inside his bag....
I can not believe he is 3 1/2 already, it feels like yesterday that we got him. Oh.... how much excitement, energy, love, patience, laughter, kindness, did I mention patience :), tears, frustration, joy and thoughtfulness this little boy has given us. Daigen we love you so much and wouldn't change anything in the world to not have these special qualities in our home. You keep us on our feet and we love that about you. Thank you for bringing so much joy and love into our home. Love you always and forever... Mommy and Daddy :)

Last Chance Hot Tubbing

Well... it happened sooner than we thought it would be we Sold our Hot Tub. So this last week the boys have been enjoying it EVERY night with Daddy. We feel so bad because they LOVE this thing, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do....

Here is Bosten cheesing for the camera...
Daigen is like a little fishy.... LOVES LOVES LOVES the water.
As good as it gets with trying to goth of them
Daddy enters.... let the fun times begin
Havin a ball!!! (no pun intended) :) They were so sad to see the tubby leavin on Saturday