Friday, October 31, 2008

The "Humpkin" Patch

So Monday we took the boys and CJ, since Tash was on bedrest, to the "humpkin" patch. It was hilarious because we get there and CJ kept calling them "humpkins" Dan and I were laughing so hard. The boys really liked it. We got to go on a hayride and see the animals and I forgot to take the camera with me, of course! Then they went on the little cow train, Daigen loved it it took CJ a few minutes before he enjoyed it. Then the boys went and ran thru the maze, which they absolutley loved. We had a great time!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

1/2 Marathon

Dan ran the Prison Break 1/2 Marathon over the weekend and did an awesome job!! I was so proud of him. This was his first race ever. This spring and summer he has been training with a good friend of ours who ran the St. George marathon, so he decided while he was in shape he better run something. He ran it in 1 hour 35 minutes. A 7:19 mile pace, great job Babe, I am proud of you and I love you tons!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Random Photos

here are some more random photos of the last few weeks. the boys are getting big and alot of fun!! Daigen loves bosten and Bosten LOVES Daigen!! Bosten is learning how to suck his thumb! Yikes, not sure about that one, he has also started taking a binky the last few weeks and loves his excersaucer! Daigen is at the stage where he does the "ugly" face for a picture, gotta love it....

Saturday, October 11, 2008

40 Days!!!!

AND COUNTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I seriously CANNOT wait!!!! Check out the NEW trailer to Twilight

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Haircut!!!

I took the plunge and chopped off my locks!!! I have really enjoyed it, it now takes 10 min. to do from start to finish!!! To my surprise Dan likes it!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008



Dan turns 35!!!!

I am REALLY late at posting this, but Dan turned 35 on the 30th!! Happy Birthday sweetheart!! WE had a great day, we took the boys to their dr. appts. they both got shots!!! Dan's printer broke. That night Dave and Ash came and watched the boys while we went to dinner and bought a new printer. Then we had cake and ice cream. Not much fun around here. Daigen picked out Daddy's candle for his cake.

Bosten is getting BIGGER!!!!!!!!

I can not believe my baby is 4 months already, where in the world did the time go??? He has been such an incredibly good and happy baby. We had is appointment the other day and he weighed in at 15 1/2 lbs and 26 in. long!!! He loves bath time finally and kicks like crazy, he smiles nonstop and loves to coo at you. I stuck him in his bumbo thinking he was big enough, but not quit yet. I bought the boys matching PJ's and Daigen LOVES them, he thinks it is so neat that brother has the same jammies as him.

Random Events in September with Daigen

We had quit the eventful month with Daigen: he loved helping daddy fertilize the yard to hot tubbing with CJ to getting stuck in the basket of his stroller to thinking the outlet cover is his "new" binky and last but not least ( no photo) trying to drown his brother with a full gatorade bottle of water. I had Bosten laying on the floor and Daddy gave Daigen his water so Daigen went into the living room and sat down next to brother and then continued to "feed" brother, the next thing we hear is Bosten choking and gagging on the water. Poor kid!!! In daigen's defense he was only trying to "feed" him, so I had to tell him that Bosten only eats from Mommy and the bottle. A couple of weeks ago Dan was in the office and he could hear a faint "help" so he went looking for Daigen and found him stuck in the basket of his stroller so of course he needed to capture a picture before he helped him out, poor little kid it looks like it had to have hurt!!! As you can see he still keeps us on our feet and I think he will for the next 17 years!!!