Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Baby News!!!

Well we had our ultrasound today and found out that we are having a little BOY!!!! We are both excited, we were kinda wanting a girl, but we are really excited that it is a boy. Daigen will have a little buddy to play with now!! He is very healthy and everything looks good. The doctor however said that he is a VERY BIG boy and is in the 88th %. Lets just pray he comes early!!! :) we have a name picked out already: Bosten Adams named after his father!!! We got a 4D photo of him and he has the Kynaston chin and lips!!! :)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Playing in the Hot Tub with Daddy

Here is our naked jail bird right before he got in the hot tub. Don't worry a swim suit got on both of them before they went in!!! daigen LOVES the water and especially playin in the hot tub. Dan wanted me to come out and put my "legs" in, but I said "heck no" it was only 18* outside that night!! Wish I could play in it with them but next winter!!! :)

Watching Cartoons!!!!!

Sometimes I worry that I have raised a couch potatoe!!But it's fun to watch him do what they are doing on TV in the cartoons. Here he is watching TV from our bench, he will scoot it over to the TV and climb up and watch Tv for a while. The other photo is a "rare" photo, daigen never seems to want to cuddle with Mommy, but lately he is getting a little more cuddly. Hope you enjoy!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The HOLY TERROR has arrived!!!!! :)_

Okay, seriously, where in the world did he learn this!!! He has never seen any cousins do it!! Do you just decide one night that you want to see if you can crawl on Mom & Dad's table and not get caught??!!! I need some serious help!!! :) Dan ended up bunging the chairs to the table so he can't pull them out to crawl on!! What is going on in his head!!! He is WAY too smart for his own good!!!

Look I can be soooo SWEET!!!!

I know, looks can be soooo deceiving!!! Here is our little innocent boy eating white chocolate.... Oh I forgot to mention he BROKE into our wired pantry and found these and had them half way gone before we realized what had happened. This is him showing us how cute and innocent he really is!!!!

Playin in the Snow

The last few weeks we got a lot of snow for Boise and so Dan would take Daigen out to play in it every day. Daigen LOVED it!!!! Here are a few fun photos from that!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Random photos for the month!!!

Here are our famous random shots that we have taken within the last month. Here he is posing for the camera,riding the bike with Daddy, wearing Daddy's hat, and watching cartoons!!!

Independent at 17 months!!!!

So Dan and I are having a really hard time right now. Daigen seems to think that he is mentally mature, but he seems to forget that even though he is in 2T clothing and size 5 diapers and shoes that he is NOT old enough to feed himself applesauce, he is only 17 months!!! We on the other hand have a hard time letting him feed himself because we both HATE messes. So this was our idea of letting hime feed himself applesauce. Needless to say, he did not even eat a bite of eat, he played with it and tried to dump into his empty shampoo bottle, but it kept him occupied for about a half hour. He is ALL boy and into everything. We have our pantry "wired" shut, but last night he was screaming to get into it, so Daddy being the softy that he is let him play in it. In less than 10 minutes the kid had it demolished. He had opened a bag of hot chocolate and was "rubbing" it everywhere. He has been alot of fun, but boy things better change before baby arrives!!!! :) Or WE are in BIG TROUBLE!!!!!