Sunday, January 20, 2008

Playing in the Hot Tub with Daddy

Here is our naked jail bird right before he got in the hot tub. Don't worry a swim suit got on both of them before they went in!!! daigen LOVES the water and especially playin in the hot tub. Dan wanted me to come out and put my "legs" in, but I said "heck no" it was only 18* outside that night!! Wish I could play in it with them but next winter!!! :)


Robyn Baird said...

Looks like the little naked boy likes to make prank phone calls. LOL

Julia said...

Cute bum Daigen!

Ryan & Martha said...

What a cute chubby bum! Was that bad timing or what that he hit his head at church just as the person saying the prayer blessed the little children to feel the reverent spirit. Poor kid. Happy Birthday by the way - hope it was a good one.