Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Independent at 17 months!!!!

So Dan and I are having a really hard time right now. Daigen seems to think that he is mentally mature, but he seems to forget that even though he is in 2T clothing and size 5 diapers and shoes that he is NOT old enough to feed himself applesauce, he is only 17 months!!! We on the other hand have a hard time letting him feed himself because we both HATE messes. So this was our idea of letting hime feed himself applesauce. Needless to say, he did not even eat a bite of eat, he played with it and tried to dump into his empty shampoo bottle, but it kept him occupied for about a half hour. He is ALL boy and into everything. We have our pantry "wired" shut, but last night he was screaming to get into it, so Daddy being the softy that he is let him play in it. In less than 10 minutes the kid had it demolished. He had opened a bag of hot chocolate and was "rubbing" it everywhere. He has been alot of fun, but boy things better change before baby arrives!!!! :) Or WE are in BIG TROUBLE!!!!!


Robyn Baird said...

LOL ... I love it!

Angela said...

LOL- Oh my gosh!! Is he in the bathtub? haha... That pantry story is hillarious. You sure are in trouble! I'd just keep it wired. I need to do the same with mine.

jenny said...

I am LMBO! That is hilarous! You better get used to the mess, when baby number two comes, it's all over girl!!

Lisa said...

Hi Cala,

You are so funny! I loved the random photos, especially the one with Daigen exercising with his Dad. Life doesn't seem to be dull in your home. You have described Daigen to be a true growing boy-size 5 in diapers?? Wow, Seth and Abigail wear the same size- a 3. Seth needs to gain weight. You are full of humor in raising Daigen. I also struggle with messes. I have trained my kids on how to eat and keep the spills to a minimum. Seth does pretty well. On occasion he wants me to feed him.
Your blog always puts a smile on my face. Keep them coming!

Julia said...

Oh Cala I that sounds exactly like my oldest Sophia! All I can say is hang on, it is a heck of a ride. With 2 kids I have had to let go of a lot stuff. I can't keep after her all the time. Reading this I had flash backs to when she was little. The thing is that because they are so eager to be independent they learn skills really fast. Like feeding themselves. He will probably be able to do that in no time! I would through a bunch of dishes in the bath with her too so while she bathed she could practice eating and then while she was really eating I would give her her own bowl, spoon, or whatever so while I snuck some clean bites in she would play with the other silverware and try feeding herself. We have our pantry locked too! We have safety locked EVERY possible place in our house. Because if it was open she would find it and DESTROY!
Sophia was in size 2T and size 5 Diapers at that age too. Imagine her now! She is 3.5 and wears size 6 clothes and size 12 shoes!! She is a tall girl! Oh boy! Sorry for rattling on but, if you ever need to vent--I feel your pain!!! love ya-jules