Thursday, October 2, 2008

Random Events in September with Daigen

We had quit the eventful month with Daigen: he loved helping daddy fertilize the yard to hot tubbing with CJ to getting stuck in the basket of his stroller to thinking the outlet cover is his "new" binky and last but not least ( no photo) trying to drown his brother with a full gatorade bottle of water. I had Bosten laying on the floor and Daddy gave Daigen his water so Daigen went into the living room and sat down next to brother and then continued to "feed" brother, the next thing we hear is Bosten choking and gagging on the water. Poor kid!!! In daigen's defense he was only trying to "feed" him, so I had to tell him that Bosten only eats from Mommy and the bottle. A couple of weeks ago Dan was in the office and he could hear a faint "help" so he went looking for Daigen and found him stuck in the basket of his stroller so of course he needed to capture a picture before he helped him out, poor little kid it looks like it had to have hurt!!! As you can see he still keeps us on our feet and I think he will for the next 17 years!!!


Robyn Baird said...

Daigen cracks me up! He has such a cute personality.

Julia said...

Oh boy that Daigen. I really think that one day Daigen and Sophia will marry. I know she is older but, they are seriously meant for eachother! Never ever a dull moment! I love the picture of him in the stroller basket. I often wonder what goes through their heads and if they really think that they will get away with stuff. Well hopefully these little energetic mischevious kids will keep us young! The good thing is that Daigen is so dang cute that it's probably hard to get mad at him!