Thursday, August 13, 2009

Robison Reunion July 2nd-5th

DAY 1: Swimming day at Coltrin's- Daigen getting ready to go swimming
Bosten "chillin" in the chair

Mommy and Bosten swimming. B loves the water and thinks he can swim on his own, little does he know...

Adult time, playin a little co-ed volleyball, I must admit my team won..... what can I say??!!
Bosten lovin his new look
DAY 2: Games at the Park- relay games galore..... the kids seemed to be having loads of fun
all the babies and their relay games.... here they are actually fishing
ADULT NIGHT- The fun is about to begin...... well for MOST of us. Here are the Aunts & Uncles ready for the night to begin. So, here is how the story goes for the next two pics... Game- Mission Impossible, object of game, to get from point A to point B on foot in the dark with drivers trying to find you along the way. Our point A was Saguaro Canyons Pool and point B was Settlers Park. My team was on our way to station 3 of 5 when we heard a car coming, so I started to dart (sprinting) across the street as my cell phone begins to ring, I reach in my pocket pull out my cell phone and say "hello" just as the sprinklers at some random persons home turn on, my right toe clips the sprinkler head and sends me in a full on"fly" thru the air. Only to land on what you might ask??? Nope not the grass BUT the DRIVEWAY!!!! Chin first, pelvis next, then the arms as the cell phone went flying out of hand. As I am laying in this driveway I am thinking to myself, "Are you freakin kidding me!!!!" "this did not just happen!!" As my cousins arrive we soon notice, (what I knew,)... my chin was split open and my "wrist" hurt REALLY bad. Needless, to say the night ended rather quickly for me and I ended up in the ER as everyone was finishing up this fun game. here are the results of my "graceful, glorious fall"

Happy 4th of July to me!!!! I broke my ELBOW!!!! (wrong bone to be breaking) I am really doped up on some REALLY good pain meds!!! So here is the result, broken radial head, clean brake, so splint for 3 weeks and then out in the open........Yep you read that right... I am a Mother of 2 boys with a broken elbow and NO cast. I guess it is better in the LONG run not to have it put in a cast but the brake will take longer to fuse says the doctor. So needless to say we have had quite the summer. Along with a broken elbow came...............................

3 internal stitches and they glued my chin shut. I had gone 30 yrs with no broken bones nor stitches and then....WAM, BAM I got a 2 for 1!!!

More reunion, this is 4th of July in our back yard. We were sitting around chatting while we were waiting for the night to begin!!!

More talking and laughing

Bosten wanted to be a a little "twin" with his Mommy and cut his chin as well, luckily no stitches for him.

here some of us are watching the fireworks. Daigen was in love with them, but he had to hold on to Uncle Rod's hand the WHOLE time, because they scared him...
We had such an amazing time, despite some of the "mishaps" Can't wait for the next one in North Carolina 2011!!!!!!

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