Monday, July 20, 2009

Meridian Dairydays!!!

Driving at 14 months!!!
"Holy cow, this is the coolest thing EVER!!!"
"Seriously Mom, it doesn't get better then this"
daigen, CJ and Trey riding the whale
"Ummmm........ could this thing go faster...please"
"Oh my goodness, I am up in the air!"
"This one is making me sick"
In June we went to the Meridian Dairy days with the Coltrin's and had a lot of fun. As you can tell Bosten was on cloud nine on the one ride he could ride. He was laughing and smiling and having the BEST time ever. I think he just might enjoy the fair this year. Daigen was in love as well and didn't want to stop riding when we ran out of tickets. He just doesn't understand the concept of money and that Mom and Dad aren't just made of it! We had a fantastic time and ended the night off by getting some greasy curly fries (which Daigen loved) and cotton candy for the first time!! Daigen kept calling it "cotton balls"

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