Monday, July 20, 2009

POTTY TRAINED AT 2 1/2!!!!!!!!

Daigen in his "big Boy" underwear

Going potty!!!

Flush the toilet AND put the seat down!!!! Those are our rules!!!!

after we go "tinkle" we get a coin.... what do we do with it???

we get to put it in the "candy ball machine" and get............
RUNTS!!!!!!!!!! He loves his "coins"
So the end of May I decided it was time to potty train Daigen. He is starting Pre-K in Sept and has to be 100% trained, so the battle began. First day..... 1 accident only, second day, 1 accident, third day NO accidents AND no timer, he was telling us everytime he had to tinkle!!! It took 3 days!!! That was it and he was trained. He has since had several accidents, but he is in big boy undies!!! And he is doing reallly good. Now I need to work on the "wiping" but at least we have a start!!

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