Monday, February 2, 2009

Holidays (photo overload)

Christmas Eve @ Baird's
Christmas Eve

Playing with his new Lightning McQueen fuel station from Baird's

Bosten lovin the wrapping paper!!!

New Lightning McQueen jammies from daddy & Mommy

daigen's new L. M. jammies

matching jammies

Playing with the trains Santa brought him (the best thing ever)

Santa arrived for Daigen Santa arrived for Bosten

We went to Shelley, Id on Christmas day to spend the weekend with Gpa & Gma daddy took
Daigen out on the tube and he didn't like it very much this year, not sure why. He lasted about 10 minutes outside and he was done, it was about 10* outside... Burr.....

He is done with the tube!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know I am slacking really bad, sorry so late...............
This was New Years Eve, we had the Coltrin's & Baird's over, it was a
crazy mad house but fun company. I took off Bosten's clothes because
he likes to be naked before bedtime and this is the reaction to that..... First
Jordon wanted to be naked then Sienna saw her sister naked, then CJ, then
Daigen of course wanted to follow the crowd. Sienna is screaming because she
wanted to be full fledge naked!!! She got her wish, and loved jumping on my couches
naked!!! Don't worry I have sanitized them since!!! :) Needless to say our Holidays
were really busy, but lots of fun and glad to have them over. Can't wait for Spring!!!


Robyn Baird said...

LOL ... I laughed so hard at the 'naked picture'. I had forgotten all about it. Sienna was so pissed!

Julie said...

Hey, it's good to hear from you. I was worried that you might not see my comment because it was an old post. :) My email is Keep in touch!

The McLinn Clan said...

Cala! What adorable little boys you have!:) And what fun at Christmas time!!

Amy said...

Your kids are so cute. I miss you guys lots.

The Couey's said...

i haven't checked your blog in a while(sorry). but those kids of yours are sooo cute. Call me crazy but i think daigen and bosten look alike. has anyone ever said that?

Kamillka said...

WOW =D I LOVE THE LAST PICTURE...!!! They r so cute and funny =) Jordan and Sienna LOVE to be naked =)