Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Where did January Go????? ( 2 new posts below this)

I LOVE my cookie dough!!!!
Cheese!!! Sitting all by myself.... finally!!!

Nope, I can never go to my room with out getting some kind of TV in

I know... I am the cutest "stud" you have ever seen!!!
I am a close second... Although I am the "coolest"
Daigen REALLY wanted to go outside so finally we gave in and let him play for about an hour outside he was in pure Heaven. Poor boy, he can't wait till it gets warmer.
I love to play in my high chair
Karlene and I scrapbooking, we had a little helper... he loved it
A couple weekends ago Dan took the boys outside when it got in the low 50*s and they were in 7th heaven.

Bosten's first swing ride, he did not want to get out
Swinging their hearts out..............
Daigen loves to play squeeshy face with us, so one morning Daddy was playing squeeshy face with him.
here I am in true form.... I have quit the temper......
daigen frosting his cookie, okay so he took a few licks in between

Here is our January in a nut shell.... Not much activity, we are getting a little Cabin Fever over here. I can not wait for Spring!!!! Could it just come NOW!!!!!! These are the last set of pics before my new ones with my FANTASTIC new camera that I L. O. V. E.

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Julia said...

They are both getting so big. I can't believe how big Bosten is. I love his little mouth it is so cute. Daigen is such a character. I sure wish we lived closer so we could hang out. Miss you.