Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Night with Daddy

Holy Yikes!!! Look what happens when Mommy goes to Young Womens!!! Dan seems to think it's okay for Daigen to eat out of the applesauce container, this is his idea of "feeding" Daigen. It's no wonder why my son thinks he should be more independent when I am feeding him. I actually love the picture of him sitting on the stool, he looks soooo innocent and sweet!! Then you see him jumping from stool to couch and that is him!!! Not so innocent!! However, he may be a trial 99.9% of the time but he is also so sweet and loveable. We are truly so blessed to have him in our lives and I don't want anyone to ever think that we don't feel that and know that!!!


Rock and Whit said...

That's what a daddy is for.... to teach our children everything we won't. Love the pics! LOL!

Lisa said...

you always make me laugh! I know that the kids always have fun with Matt when I am gone. I noticed in one of your pictures that the chairs were on the table. That is funny. It looks like you are an expert at child proofing the house.

Tasha Coltrin said...

I agree with Alex you need a new belly picture!! Your belly is so cute!!

Julia said...

Sounds like Dan and Cameron have the same parenting styles. That's what makes kids bond to their daddies. I have to say that I am so so so so bummed that we aren't going to be here on those days in March. Are you for sure coming on those days??? I would love love to see you. It would be a dream! We always go to S.D.

Natalie said...

Hey girl!!!
This is Natalie Allen (Jensen). I was wondering around on some blogs and came across yours...crazy huh??!
You are still just beautiful and your little boy is adorable! It has been fun reading about your life...sounds like life is fabulous for you guys.
I am so excited that you are having another baby!! COngrats!!!
If i remember right Daigen is i right???
I am happy to hear you are prego.
Hope you dont mind but i will be checking in on your cute family from time to time.
Talk to ya later!


jenny said...

Was he sucking the apple sauce with a staw?? that is so cute,he is so innocent! I think you should post a picture of your belly every month, so we can see the growth!