Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 2 of our Memorial Day Weekend

Thomas the Train

Daigen's birthmom and her daughter

All of us together

Daigen and Mommy

'Alllllllll Aaaabbboooaaarrrdddd"

after our ride, Daddy, Daigen and brother

Daigen and CJ playing with all the trains, they were in HEAVEN the whole time

this is what Bosten thought of the entire experience

he was so mad at us for pulling him away from the trains, but he got so excited when he saw that Thomas was on his face

showing us all Thomas

saying goodbye to "birthmom Chel"

Saturday started off by heading into Park City for some shopping at the Outlets. Daigen's birthmom Chelsea came with us for the whole day. When we got to the Outlet's Daigen was getting out of his car when he saw Chelsea and he was so excited to see her. The first thing out of his mouth was: "Look Dad, it's birthmom Chelsea!" It completely melted Chelsea's heart. It's so nice to know that he is actually listening when we are trying to teach him things.
We spent some time at the mall and got some cute outfits for Daigen for this fall when he starts Pre school. Then we headed off to Heber City for our Thomas day adventure to begin. Daigen was in seventh heaven when he saw all the trains. We got there and got in line and had our 20 minute ride on Thomas. Daigen and CJ thought it was the neatest thing. Then we went into the souvenir shop and Daigen was quit embarrassing. (imagine that! :) ) He was SCREAMING as we were trying to get him out, then he saw the tent that had lots of train tables set up. So he played for over an hour with the trains and we were all ready to go....BUT him. So needless to say we had ANOTHER "moment" with him!!! We saw the tent that had tattoos so we went i there to get his mind off all the other trains and he was loving life as soon as he saw Thomas on his face. All in all we had a terrific time on Saturday and had so much fun catching up with Chelsea. We love her so much and are so grateful for her. Stay tuned for more pics from Day 3.......


Michelle Colt said...

Cala, how are you? I found your blog off of someone elses. I put your name on my blog list. I hope you don't mind!! You're kids are so cute! What a sweet family you have.

Chandy said...

How neat that you met up with Chelsea! I can't believe Daigen is so big and getting ready for preschool! Hope you are enjoying the summer, miss you guys!