Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A whole lot of randomness

The "one & only" face!!! Caught pouting cause he wasn't getting his way....
"Don't I make the cutest girl ever!" He found my headbands in the bathroom drawer and came out looking like this.
Helping Mommy make banana bread..... he LOVES to cook, I think he just might be a chef one day
Bosten learning how to walk
bosten riding the scooter with Daddy.... he wasn't so sure about it...
WOW can we say... messy
oh.....crap...... look who learned to climb
daigen's snowman he made with his play dough
daigen's real snowman he made at G&G Clark's house on Thanksgiving day.....
with the help of Daddy.... they were sure proud of it!!
These are a few random photos from the Fall and Winter. Can't believe how fast time is flying by.

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Robyn Baird said...

LOL ... loved the picture of Bosten with the headband. Such a cute little girl!