Thursday, April 15, 2010

So Far Behind!!!

I am sooooo far behind in my blogging, but here are a bunch of random photos from our Winter earlier this year....... We played with play dough one afternoon and made some green pepperoni pizza...
Daigen with his "makings"
The boys eating there snacks together, they are getting to be so much fun. They are finally having "moments" of enjoying to play together.
They got Madagascar for Christmas.... ummmmm..... I think they love it!! :)
Daigen being crazy..... wearing my boots
Dancing in his underwear..... one day he is going to "love" this picture :)
Bosten loves to try new things on.....
they love the camera..... saying cheese before I could even get the picture taken
they LOVE to be outside... can't wait for warmer weather
he wants to swing all the time, but when we put him in and push him he freaks out...... weird kid :)
this has become their new favorite chore..... but it has started to drive me crazy cause they are CONSTANTLY wanting to vacuum
Bosten especially.....

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