Friday, September 14, 2007

Daigen & CJ giving each other rides!!!

So, the other night CJ was over and the boys were playin with Daigen's little truck and Cj hopped on and Daigen started pushing him around. The funny part was CJ actually at first thought it was his Daddy pushing him. Well, Daigen decided it was his turn for a ride, but CJ just wasn't pushing him quite fast enough and got mad so he got off the truck and CJ wasn't very happy about that!! These two are so cute together and they are finally getting a lot better at playing together!!


Lisa said...

It is hard to believe how fast Daigens first year of life has passed. Wow, he is walking already. Their first year of life is fun. They are discovering so many things. That was a really cute story with Daigen and CJ. Just think- you have less than 6 months until Daigen is in nursery. I'm sure he will love that. Seth adjusted so quickly. I hope Abigail is the same.

Robyn Baird said...

LOL .. those 2 are so funny!