Saturday, September 29, 2007

Oregon Coast pictures!!!!

Here we are at the Coast, the weather was BEAUTIFUL!!!

Here is the boys at the Coast, they were so cute together. We shared a Suburban withCade and Tash so the boys were together alot!!

Here is Daigen, caught "red handed" with markers. He was trying to take the lids off and write all over himself!!! NAUGHTY BOY!!!! Notice how dainty CJ is in the back, he is such a good little boy!!


Lisa said...

Daigen is getting cuter and cuter by the day. How nice for you and your family to go to oregon. Traveling with children is always an adventure. I'm glad you had a good time! p.s. Is Daigen starting to say a few words??

Dawn, Matt and girls said...

Cala Daigen is so stinkin' cute! Those two boys together are so cute too.

Robyn Baird said...

Daigen's expression on his face is freakin hillarious!

Julia said...

Traveling with kids is always an experience. Especially flying. I have done it many times. The worst was with 2 kids all by myself. That was suicide. I learned from that mistake. I will drive what ever distance now to avoid flying until they are older.
I am so jealous that all of you were together and i wasn't there. I still consider myself a cousin and miss you all terribly. I wish I could of been there. Oh well we need to plan a girls weekend or something.
I am glad that your trip went well and you got to go to the coast with good weather. Daigen is so cute.

Ryan & Martha said...

Daigen has mischief written all over his face - I love it! Boys are supposed to be naughty too, at least that's what I tell myself on those fun days when you wonder "why me". I love the Oregon Coast - I'm always so jealous when I see or hear of other going. It is beautiful!

jenny said...

His face says it all. "Who me??" He is tooo dang cute. Have fun in St. George! Wish I was going!!