Wednesday, April 8, 2009


He layed on the floor ALL day. You can see his bowl in the background
My baby NEVER left the couch all day. He layed like this when awake and layed like this when asleep.

It was the worst thing yet that I have experienced as a Mother!!!!! It all started out in the beginning of March. Bosten started throwing up on Monday all day long, then Tuesday night at 10:30 I hear Daigen start coughing and then he starts to cry so i run upstairs and about vomit myself when I walk into his room. Sure enough he now has the flu!!! Are you kidding me??!! So we get him bathed (because he is covered from head to toe in vomit) Get a bed made on the floor next to ours and try to go back to sleep. In the meantime, my stomach has been very queasy for the last few hours and at 11:30 my insides decide that I need to turn the faucet on my rear end. Yep, that's right the flu has officially hit Momma as well. All night long Daigen and I were taking turns running out both ends. Dan was sooo good with Daigen thru the night. However He started to get sick as well that night. So needless to say the next day we all laid around like zombies. My poor little babies had EVERY last ounce of energy sucked right out of them. After three days of vomit it they both started to perk up a little. However, neither one would eat for about a week. And they had soooo much diarrhea it wasn't even funny!!! Finally after two weeks of hell we were all back to normal!! Here are a few pics taken during those days.


The Couey's said...

Oh my you poor thing! i'm so sorry! at least it's over!

Kari C. said...

We have definitely been right there with you. It seems like it has been such a rough beginning to spring for so many people. Glad you are all feeling better!!

The McLinn Clan said...

AHHH! NOTHING is worse than sick, little babes, and it DEFINITELY doesn't help when mommy is sick too!:( YUCK! But hey, you illustrated it beautifully!;)