Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Giving kisses to Gwampa
Gwampa eating Bosten's delicious cheeks!!

All set and ready for the Easter egg hunt to begin
Waiting for the rest of family to arrive

Here we go!!!!!!!!!!

The easter bunny has arrived for Daigen!!

and for Bosten.............
Daigen has just spotted his basket he has just seen his"Toby" train in his basket
oh............... the Bee moobie!!!
Thomas DVD's Dad!!!!!!!! The boys before church in their cute matching vests

The boys with Daddy
The boys and Mommy.................

We had a wonderful Easter weekend. The weather was b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.!!! We started out on Saturday having an Easter egg hunt at Gwamp & Gwanma K's and filled ourselves up with delicious cinnamon rolls. Daigen had so much fun and we were in 7th heaven watching him hunt for his eggs!!! Sunday morning the Easter bunny had arrived so we got to see what he brought the boys!! Then we quickly headed off to church. Later that afternoon we headed over to Coltrin's for the whole fam damily get together. (opps I forgot my camera for all that) We had a great time playing out in the park right behind there house and eating some yummy yummy grub!!! It was a great fun filled weekend and mad us all very excited for Summer to arrive!!!


Lyle and Jaime said...

Their sunday outfits are adorable! I love it when siblings match and color coordinate. So cute!

Did you survive your coupon outing??

Julia said...

They look so darling all dressed up. I love seeing pictures of your dad. Miss that guy. Tell him hi for me. I want to make a trip over there to see all of you guys this summer. I will see what will work. Miss you Cala.