Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fair Time!!

Daigen's first ride
riding the train with CJ & Uncle Cade

Daigen played a "fishin" game AND he WON!!! he was soooo excited and won a little stuffed animal
This was Daigen's FAVORITE ride. It was the "Bee Roller Coaster"he LOVEDit and rode it alot click on the pic to actually see his face.... it is priceless he was screaming the whole time and was in LOVE... I was laughing so hard. Daddy even went and took Bosten, who believe it or not loved it as well.
Dan kissing the Billy goats
"Wait Daddy, let me try too!!" .... Bosten giving Billy and kiss
No kisses from this one, but he did give loves...

Riding with Mom
bosten hangin out while waiting for us to finish our ride

Bosten's turn.... he loved the rides as well and did really good.

We had a blast this year at the fair. We went on family day and we were there for over 6 hrs. The boys did great and loved the rides and animals. It was so fun year to see how excited they get for these things. It makes me so thankful for my cute little family and the fun we have together. We even got to run into our dear friends the Hibbert's while we were there and we all rode the train together. We have had a fantastic summer and have plenty more posts to come as we took advantage of the last few weekends left of summer....stay tuned for more advntures from us...

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