Sunday, October 11, 2009

Grimes Creek Camping (Labor Day Weekend)


We went camping up in Grimes Creek for labor day weekend, we had a blast. This is the creek that the kids got to play in. I LOVED it up there, it was sooo pretty.
Here are some of the kids playing, they found a water snake in there and weren't so sure about getting back in for a while. I was DONE as soon as I saw it!!
daigen LOVED the creek, it was FREEZING but that didnt even faze any of the kids
The start of our first hike, we got about 5 minutes into it and decided that going straight up was not a good idea for these little kids or me!! :)
Family photo after our hike
My bro and his little family (minus the wife)

dirty "dawg" Daigen he loves camping so much!!

shooting a BB gun for his first time (gotta love his facial expression!)

Bosten on his little "nature" hike. It's amazing how different things are with your 2nd child. 3 yrs ago i would have NEVER allowed this with Daigen :)

Kids playing in the creek as the sun went down. the boys LOVED it! It was absolutely FREEZING.

We had such a fantastic time and we can't wait for many more next year. Thanks Kynaston's for letting us camp with you! I think we have found a new family passion! Thought I would NEVER say that! :)

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