Friday, October 30, 2009

1st Day of Preschool (Sept 15, 2009)

Daigen 1st day of school, he was so excited...
showing off his Thomas "pack pack"
Daigen and his teacher Miss Susan, he loves her...
Miss Susan mada a "Survival Kit" for all the Moms.... it was MUCH needed
Daigen's special gifts from Miss Susan
daigen's first project, a little "School is beary fun" necklace.
I can't believe this day has already come. It feels like yesterday that I was holding him in my arms as a newborn. Tears were shed both joy and sadness that time has seemed to "fly" bye for us. He is seventh heaven and loves it VERY much. Jordan and CJ (his cousins) are in the same class with him. I worry a little about him cause his bday is so late and he is the youngest, but Miss Susan said he is doing great so far for how young he is.... we shall see how long that lasts....

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