Friday, November 6, 2009


Just getting started, the boys had never been on a boat, they were in LOVE
Bosten HATED his life jacket, but LOVED the water... it was pure bliss sooo refreshing
Uncle Mark getting ready to jump off the rockAunt Hillarie, Daigen and Me playing in the water... it was PERFECT
Dan skiing
Hillarie two skiing... she finally got up for a little while. YAY!!!!
Sooo tired and beat from the sun... it was over 100* that day
Mark two skiing
Me enjoying the scenery and ride.. I couldn't do anything.. elbow still not healed
Daigen, starting to not feel good, notice his red eyes. They ended up getting so much worse with in the next 24 hrs. he was soooo done
Mark thinking he is "sexy" or something!!! :)
Aunt Hillarie and Bosten, the boys feel in LOVE with her.
The first weekend in October we got to go to Phoenix for a week. We were so excited. We planned the trip in July and had something planned every day. I did lots and lots of research and found alot of fun things to do. BUT all HECK broke loose on the plane ride over when Daigen began to fever. This is VERY unusual for him. he NEVER fevers. So that night when we get in and settled I took his temp 102.3. "What the heck!" So all night we worked at trying to get it down. He woke up with 100*. But was his good ole self, so we went boating all day and he was really good and enjoying himself until about 2:30 and he was done, his eyes started getting really red and he was really tired and HOT. We got home around 4 and his temp was back up again. He kept going up then down a little. Finally Thursday morning (after a really LONG night) we took him to the doctors...... a postive H1N1!!!!!! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME. I am on vacation!!!! So unfortunately EVERYTHING got put to a stop and we were home bound for most of the trip. The doctor said once he had no fever for 24 hrs we could go out. Well that didn't happen until 2 days before we were suppose to leave. We had a great time with Brownings and Aunt Natalie, but we wish it could have been better. Stay tuned for a few more pics of our trip......


Lyle and Jaime said...

okay, where in phx? What lake did you guys go to? We are from there! Looks like you guys had fun despite H1N1! We had it too at our house.

Kari Cole said...

What a stinky time to get sick!! Glad you had some fun anyway. It was great seeing you guys last night...let's do it again soon!